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Why, where and what property to buy in Bansko ski resort?


Take a look at the top properties for sale in Bansko ski resort>>

Take a look at the top properties for rent in Bansko ski resort, apartments and ski chalets for rent in Bansko ski resort>>

You have never been in Bansko!? You have to come and see it straight away. Absolute beauty and tranquility year-round. All green in the summer and all show white in the winter. Amazing combination of small town with 18th-century ancient Bulgarian traditional houses and bustling ski resort.

Surrounded by the three biggest mountains in Bulgaria reveals breath-taking views all over Bansko - to Pirin mountain to the south and west, to Rila mountain to the north and Rodopi mountains to the east. 

The town is quetly sitting with all these superb houses in traditional Bansko style keeping the spirit of 18th century and whispering about the spicy history of Bansko.

Just 5 minutes walk split the tranquility from the ski lift and all the ski maniacs thirsty for adventures.

Lots of taverns offering cozy atmosphere, Bansko folklore and dances, delicios traditional Bansko enormous dishes, warm and friendly service give you full relax after the crazy skiing all day long and reshresh you diring the summer.


The town of Bansko is located on 925 m. above sea level, and its skiing area is on 2000-2500 m above sea level.


Bansko is the new Bulgarian ski resort, recently discovered by the foreign skiers and tourists, but well known in Bulgaria. Bansko provides a superb combination of virgin nature of The Pirin mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian small towns. Bansko is not only a resort but also a beautiful historic spot.



Real estates for sale on the territory and in the area of Bansko ski resortBansko has become of the most developed real estate market during the past few years. Thanks to its location:

from year to year the resort attracts more and more tourists for more than a decade.
The property market in the area is very developed and its preferred for skiing, year-round living or rentals not only by foreign but Bulgarian investors too


Why buying a property in Bansko ski resort now:

  • Prices now have reached the maximum bottom - from 300E/m2-500E/m2
  • Lots of complexes offer promotional prices and discounts:
    • For the first several sales only
    • For 80%-100% straight payments
    • Christmas promotions
    • For buying more than 1 property
    • Distressed sales
  • Now Bansko property market can offer you prices - resales from 315 E/m2 to deferred payments at 600E/m2

Prices deferred depending on the owner and the distance from the ski lift and downtown Bansko. 90% from the properties are for sale at 100% payment within 1-2 monthsseveral complexes offer deferred payment within 6 monthsAll complexes are already built and completed with usage permission (act 16).

  • Studios in Bansko from 15000 EURfurnished 18000 EUR>>, 19500 EUR 
  • 1-bedroom apartments close the ski lift and downtown Bansko from 20000 EUR>>fully furnished from 23500 EUR>>
  • 2-bedroom apartments non-furnished from 30000 EUR>> and fully furnished from 35000 EUR>> 
  • Traditional Ancient Bansko style houses downtown Bansko.  
  • New Villas and ski chalets around Bansko within 5, 10, 20 and 40 km.  
  • Old houses with superb mountain view for investment in the villages around Bansko.




Bansko ski resort is situated in South-Western Bulgaria at the foot hills of one of the beautiful Bulgarian mountain Pirin. The Pirin mountain is a natural preserve included in the World Natural Heritage list.


The distance between Sofia and Bansko is 170 km. The nearest International Airport is the one in Sofia. Transfer time from Sofia to Bansko is 2,5 hours. 


The skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent. The Pirin mountain has a predominantly Alpine character with 2 peaks towering above 2900 m. However, the slopes offer runs and tracks for all types of skiers and will suit both beginners and experts.


Bansko is a new destination for the foreign skiers, has good snow record, offers great skiing and Apre ski. A good value for money, much different from the international resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo


The town itself attracts visitors by its 120 cultural monuments, its museums and the permanent ethnographic exhibitions. A very interesting sight is The Holly Trinity church with its 30 m high bell tower and clock, splendid murals and woodcarvings.

Surrounded by The Pirin, The Rila and The Rhodopa mountains, Bansko is a nice mountain resort with short summer and long winter. The skiing season starts in the middle of December and ends in mid April.


Bansko ski school is a very good one. All school graduates receive skiing certificate. Children above the age of 6 can attend the ski school too. Ski rentals are available.


24 hours emergency service is available too.


The 2 major ski areas are situated above the town, on the northern slopes of the Pirin mountain, approx. 10 km from the town.


A new modern lift, starting from the town, is now in process of construction. This new facility should be ready for the new winter season 2002-2003, and it will finally solve the problem with the transportation to pistes, which was the only disadvantage of Bansko. 


Slalom and Giant slalom runs are available. Bansko offers a cross-country track with a total length of 5 km. A 3 km ski run Rollbahn track is situated 2 km far from the town. The ski runs with a total length of 14 km are serviced by 2 lifts and several drags


Apres Ski


Being a new skiing destination for foreigners, prices in Bansko are still lower than the world famous ski resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo. The Bansko taverns, with unique charm and style offer local cuisine and good selection of Bulgarian wines. Live music is available at some places. 'Dedo Pene' is one of the well known places to go. A big number of local cafes are serving any kind of refreshments. Discos and night clubs work without time limit, and usually close early in the morning.


Places to go


Of course there's a lot to see in the town of Bansko itself, with around 120 cultural and history monuments will have a lot to explore. Various souvenir shops offer the creations of the local artists and smiths.


We also recommend a visit to the famous Rila Monastery and the busy city of Sofia. 




Accommodation and catering: As one of the big ski resorts of Bulgaria, practically Bansko offers big opportunities in this respect satisfying visitors of different financial means. There are many luxury hotels as well as more than 40 small family hotels. We strongly recommend you arrange your hotel and additional skiing service before you go to Bansko, as the resort is quite busy during the winter. 

The ski area around the almost unknown before some years small town, called Bansko, is on it s way to become one of the most developed and provided with all utilities ski resorts in Bulgaria. The place became famous among the enthusiastic skiers during the last 10 years.


A hard push for improving of the facilities was made mostly the last year, when the concessionaire Yulen Co. started the building works for improving the equipment in the ski center. It continues even now, during the winter season. Two helicopters are crossing the sky above the mountain all the time, carrying concrete and heavy metal constructions.


Four new ski runs with the numbers 1, 3, 5 and 8 are already working. The older ones are widened and cleaned from roots, bushes and stones.


All the ski runs in the resort have new numbers from 1 to 13, despite of their old names. They have coloured marks according to the international standards for difficulty. Ski run number 8 is the ex learning children ski run, in the area called Shiligarnika (the first station of the four seats lift). It is longer now 800 meters and it has a new lift, from the anchor type.




The expected from everyone new lift - gondola type, must be ready, according to the projects at the end of February, but after 2 weeks bad weather in December, the building works were delayed a bit, so probably it will start functioning March or April.


The first station is just behind hotel Strajite, close to the road going to Shiligarnika. The gondola will bring you up to the area called Bunderishka poliana for 15 minutes. The capacity of the lift is 2400 passengers per hour.


The working speed is 6m/sec. 

From Bunderishka poliana, you can reach the height of 2540m (almost to Todorka peak) with two four seats lifts with shields against wind and heavy rain or snowfalls.


The first lift will be 1560 meters long and the second - 960. Their speed will be 5m/sec. Capacity 2500 passengers. This means that the whole equipment of the resort can handle 4500-5000 customers per hour. And no more long queues for the lift.The idea of making two small seat lift, instead of one, comes from the different meteorological conditions.


Like that, they can be used always when up is cold and windy, the skiers can take only the first lift. And the other way around when the spring comes, the skiing is possible only at the top, because most of the heavy snow is still there and down the grass is already green. A new ski path from the top will go down to Bansko. It will cross the main ski runs at some points for facilitation of the eginners.









Soon there must be created a specialized ski police, which should observe for incapable skiers, which can damage or endanger the health of the other people on the ski run. He mentioned also that the ski teachers in his school are very high qualified, most of them are with 2 languages and have long experience.


Another new ski run situated on the so called Plateau will have special equipment, which can measure the time for the natural born competitors. It will work with counters at the price of 2 lv. and everyone can check how fast he is.


All the lifts are controlled by a modern computer system connected directly with the main company- the Austrian Ski-Data. The new lift passes are actually special electronic chip-cards, for which u pay deposit of 8 lv. more (over the normal price) and recharge everyday. So, on the return of the card, they are giving u back the 8 lv.

The night life in Bansko. This is a town with quiet local people. The place is full with taverns and pubs. There you can mainly eat. A lot and cheap. Usually surrounded by some musicians from a folk orchestra. It is exotic somehow and interesting to seeSeveral covered discotheques in town and next to the ski lift not borthering with any noise at night outside, small and big night-bars, pizza-bars, bowling and others offering nice mountain view relax after the skiing.


However, Bansko is more family oriented vacation town.



Bansko - more information and facts


Altitude of the resort: 925 m., highest peak in the area is Vihren 2914 m.

  • Lifts: 2 lifts and several drags 
  • Total km ski runs: 14 km


The town of Bansko has population of 9000 people. It is situated at the Glazne river (the right tributary of Mesta) at the North-eastern bottom of Pirin mountain beneath the highest and most beautiful Karst part of the mountain. Its name has a direct connection with the ancient Bulgarian word "ban" (from boean, boyan) which means master. It is 160 km south of Sofia, 60 km Southeast of Blagoevgrad. 6 km south of Razlog, and 51 km n and one of the ski resorts in the country. 


The town has both historical and tourist value. The town rose up on its present location around 9-10th centuries after the formation of the adjacent quarters of Bansko. In the middle of 18th century Bansko was a big and rich settlement developing crafts and trade. The caravans of Bansko traders travelled from the Aegean to Middle Europe transporting tobacco, cotton, precious goods, gold. 



Bansko - more information and facts


Altitude of the resort: 925 m., highest peak in the area is Vihren 2914 m.

  • Lifts: 2 lifts and several drags 
  • Total km ski runs: 14 km


The town of Bansko has population of 9000 people. It is situated at the Glazne river (the right tributary of Mesta) at the North-eastern bottom of Pirin mountain beneath the highest and most beautiful Karst part of the mountain. Its name has a direct connection with the ancient Bulgarian word "ban" (from boean, boyan) which means master. It is 160 km south of Sofia, 60 km Southeast of Blagoevgrad. 6 km south of Razlog, and 51 km n and one of the ski resorts in the country. 


The town has both historical and tourist value. The town rose up on its present location around 9-10th centuries after the formation of the adjacent quarters of Bansko. In the middle of 18th century Bansko was a big and rich settlement developing crafts and trade. The caravans of Bansko traders travelled from the Aegean to Middle Europe transporting tobacco, cotton, precious goods, gold. 

Bansko lived its "Golden Age" in the second half of 18th century and the beginning of 19th century when it reached economic and cultural peak: The art school of Bansko was established: the disciples of the school added many secular and historical subjects; a monastery school and a comprehensive school were opened. However, the Napoleon wars against Austria and the opening of the water way on the Danube put an end to its growth. In the middle of 19th century the economy of the town suffered decay. According to the resolutions of the Berlin Agreement Bansko was left within the boundaries of the Turkish Empire and its inhabitants actively participated in the consequent rebellions - Kresna-Razlog rebellion (1878-1879) and the Ilinden- Preobrazhenie rebellion (1903). The town was liberated from the Turkish rule on 5th October 1912 (the Balkan war).



Bansko is the native place of the titans of the Bulgarian Renaissance Paisii Hilendarski and Neofit Rilski. 


6 km south of Bansko is the village of Dobrinishte (final station on the narrow gauge line from Septemvri). It is one of the largest villages in the country with a population of over 3000 inhabitants.Famous to be the Gate towards the magnificent Pirin Mountain, Bansko is the newest and fastest developing of the Bulgarian winter ski resort with a growing influence upon the summer season, hosting more than 1300 000 tourists annually, including a large number of foreigners. For the inhabitants of the capital, it its the favorites rest and entertainment site during the weekends. 


The specific atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival, the rich cultural-historic heritage, the preserved folklore and crafts, the original cuisine, the plenty of cozy and snug small private hotels and taverns in traditional style, combined with the marvelous and picturesque nature of Pitrin and the thermal mineral springs in the adjacent Dobrinishte, makes Bansko an unique tourist center where the number of the summer visitors grows every year and for the first time in 2001 the number of summer and winter holidaymakers was equal.


The town has its statute of an unique settlement ,acquired international significance for the economic tourism (since 1979), where 60-70-% of the inhabitants are employed. the rest 30-40% make make their living wit woodcarvingIn Bansko one can see 150 cultural monuments. Five of the monuments are of national importance :"St Trinity" Church with the clock-bell tower; "The Velyanova House" with an artistic decoration, made by Velyan Ognev-one of the remarkable representatives of the Bansko School of Fine Arts:The house- museum "Neofit Rilski"; the house museum "Nikola Vaptsarov" ;"Uspenie Bogorodichno" church. 





The old iconostas of "Uspenie Bogorodichno church"


Bansko is the birthplace of plenty of outstanding Bulgarians among wich: Paisiy Hilendarski - name-luminary in our national culture and education, aouthor of th first Bulgarian History, called Slav Bulgarian History; Neofit Rilski - Patriarch of the new Bulgarian education and enlightement; Nikola Vaptsarov - word aknowedges poet anti fascist, the only one Bulgarian awarded with the International Peace Award; Toma Vishanov - Molera - founder of the Bansko School of Fine Arts


The Pirin national Park is the largest protected site in Bulgaria with total territory of 40 455,9 ha, 36% of which are within the boarders of Bansko Municipality. because of its unique natural resources, it is the included in the list of monuments compiled at UNESCO according to the Convention for preservation of the world cultural, historical and natural heritage.


The territory within Bansko comprises the most beautiful and attractive part of the Pirin Mountain with its highest peak Vihren (2 914 m) - the second highest peak in Bulgaria and third on the Blakan peninsula; the imposing rock phenomena "Koncheto" (The foal) and "Stragite" (the guardians) - alpine climbing national sites, the natural site Banderista & Kazana - two of the deepest caves in Bulgaria. The cirque Bansko Suhodol is one of the not much left permanent snow-site in Bulgaria, where skiing can be practices till the late summer. Over 100 of the total 176 beautiful high-mountain alpine lakes have glacial origin, well known as the "Crystal eyes of Pirin", the fantastic waterfalls Banderishki Skok, Yulenski Akok and Demyanski Skok are also beautiful natural site. The famous Bykusheva Mura (Baykusheva white fir ) is the oldest tree in Bulgaria at the Age of 1300 years and is at the same age as Bulgarian State. The newest reserve in Bulgaria is Yulen, covered with age-old white fir forest. Here are represented almost all of the flora and fauna species, a significant part of which are local Pirin, Bulgarian ende-mytes and relicts, including the symbol of Pirin - the snow-white edelweiss. 



Chalet and lake "Bezbog".


During the hot months Pirin attracts thousands of bulgarian and foreigner holidaymakers, fond of nature and adventures, while the access to the tourist paths. Along the ridge to Peloponnesian Peninsula. In winter Pirin offers excellent conditions for skiing in the ski sites - Shiligarnika, Bandershishka meadow, Chlinollow above Bansko , as well as Bezbog - above Dobrinishte.


Among the most beautiful and impressive sites of Pirin is: - the highest peak Vihren (2914 in). North Firm is on the main ridge between the peaks Kntelo I and Hvoynati: a major starting point - Bansko. 17 km of asphalt road southweslwards to the chalet Vihren (3h-3h30 on foot) or 4h30 along a marked tourist path (see tourist itinerar- ies) and 2h311 walking tour west - northwest climbing the peak from Kresna Municipality (and 2 hours back to the chalet). 


Peak "Vihren"


"Moratovo" lake


The, most attractive and visited lakes, being a fantastic tourist attraction are:





Hvoynato Lake (Ovinatii, Murutovo) North Pirin: in the small and shallow Hvoynati cirque, put into the large Baitderishki cirque, between Hvovnati and Granite peaks and part of the Donehovi Carauli ridge southwest from Bansko. From starting point chalet Vihren - 1 hour along marked tourist path southwestwards to the Banderishka gate (see tourist itineraries) 


Ribno (Fish) Golyamo (Grand) Banderishko Lake 


North Pirin: in tlie huge Bunderishki cirque - one of the biggest and prettiest in Pirin Mountain, formed by the main ridge between Vihren, Hvoynati und Granite peaks, Donchovi Carauli ridge, Banderis'hki rockv peak and pan of the Todorino ridge southwest from Bansko; from starting point chalet Vihren - 45 minutes southwards along marked tourist path passing by the Okoto Lake (Eye Lake) towards the chalet Demyanitsa with slight right detour.


"Ribno" lake


"Valeavishki lakes"


Dalgo (Long) (Gorno (Upper) Valyavishko Lake. North Pirin; in the upper part of the Banderishki cirque soutwest of Bansko: with starting point chalet Vihren - 1h40 southeastward along marked tourist path to chalet Demyanitsa and across the Gluvnishku Gale towards the shelter Tevno Lake and the chalet "Yane Sandanski".


Golyamo (Grand), Gorno (Upper), Dalgo (Long) Valyavishko Lake. North Pirin; Valyavishki cirque - one of the prettiest in Pirin: formed by the Valyavishki rocky peak, Momin Dvor, Samodivski and Malak Polean peaks south from Bansko: with starting point chcilel Demvanilsa - 2 hours south-southwestwards along marked tourist path towards the chalet Bezbog . With starting point chalet Bezhog - 3 hours southwest along marked tourist path towards chalet Demyanitsa across the Samodivska Gate.


Two high mountain lakes - Gorno (Upper) and Doino (Lower). The Upper Polejan Lake is the highest lake in Bulgaria, situated at 2 710 m above the sea level with total area of 2,2 dk. and almost oval form - its length is approximately dl) 111 and its width is approximately 50m. The Lower Polejan Lake situated at 2 462 m above the sea level is larger - 11,8 dk., 160 m long and 100 in wide. 


Popovo Lake (Papazgyol). North Pirin, Popovski cirque southeast of Bansko: with starting point chalet Re:liog - lhl5 southwestwards along marked tourist path to chalet Pirin near the Banski Lakes; with starting point chalet Demyanitsa - 3h55 southeastwards along marked tourist path to chalet Bezhog with It) minutes south detour near the Banski Lakes towards the chalet Pirin (see tourist itineraries).


It is the biggest in Pirin - 123,6 dk. and the second biggest on the Balkan Peninsula after the Smradlivo (the Stinking) Lake in Rila (212 dk.). It is also the deepest in Pirin - 29,50 m and the second deepest in Bulgaria after the Rilsko Oko (Rila Eye) Lake-37,5m 


"Popovo" lake


Archeological complex


Pirin, the site St. Nikola; 4,5 km southest from Bansko, including 2,5 km asphalt road and 1,5 km dirt road; eith starting point Bansko - 1h. 30 min walking tour; with staring point Dobrinishte - 1 hour walking tour.


Ancient fortress Pirin, within the territory of Yulen Natural Reserve. Late ancient fortress Stana (Sitan) Stronghold. Pirin the site Kalyata.


Late ancient and mediveal fortress Momina Tower (Maiden Tower). Pirin's part of the Mesta river valley; on the land of village of Kremen. Nowadays in the old quarter of Bansko one can see brilliant examples from different stages of development of the Bansko fortified House from the mind mind 17th century till 60s of the 19th century. 


Bansko School of Fine Arts. Toma Vishanov -Molera is the founder of the school. It was formed as a woodcarving and artistic school at the end of XV and the beginning of the X X century and is one of the most remarkable phenomena in the Bulgarian cultural history.





Local cuisine: Bansko kapamma, chomlek, Katino mezze, Banski starets (Bansko old man) or babichki (little old women) -dry appetizer, Kreshchina(Bansko leg pork) - dry appetyzer, Barkada Banski kachamak (Bansko hominy). 


Arts and creation activity: Men's Folklore Ensemble - Laureates and winners in the fairs "Pirin Sings", "Koprivshtitsa", "Rozhen", "Balkan Folk", etc; participations in concerts around the country and abroad (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Federal Repub lic of Yugoslavia, Hellenic Republic, Spain, Germany, etc). Women's Folklore Ensemble - gold medals from "Pirin Sings". " Koprivshtitsa ", "Rodzen ", participations in the 11 International Festival "European Music Night" in Ljubliana, Republic of Slovenia, successful tours in Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Spain, etc. 



Men's Folkore Ensamble


Mixed Folklore Ensemble - gold medals from festivals and fairs, participations in concerts around the country and abroad. Junior Folklore Ensemble - silver medals from "Pirin Sings 1999", and for the students of folklore - the opening of "Koprivshtitsa 2000 " Fair; participations in concert shows around the country and abroad.


Folklore Dancing Ensemble - gold plate from the Children's International Folklore festival in the State Kuwait, carried out in May 2000, gold medals in "Pirin Sings", concert show visits in Macedonia, Serbia, Greece. 


Old-town Songs Company "Edelweiss" - laureates of the Festival "Golden Chestnut" - Petrich, solo concerts in Macedonia. Children's Vocal Company "Zvezditsa"- 3rd place in the "Golden Cock - 2000 " Festival - Blagoevgrad, 2nd place in the "Rila Bells - 2000" Festival - Sapareva Banya; 2nd place in the I International Popular Song Festival - 2001 - Petrich. There are plenty of individual awards from the above-mentioned festivals.


Children's School of Fine Arts: piano and accordion classes; piano class, accordion and wind, lute and folk singing class. Cultural events: Christmas and New Year's celebrations (concerts, children's mornings, New Year kukeri competition - Joint Kukeri Company takes part in the International Fancy-dress Games Festival in Pernik, celebrations of the Bansko tradition (evenings of the Banska lyric song, vivacious dances - horos, customs and rituals, culinary exhibitions, national costumes (nosiya) reviews, flowers holiday, etc). 


The Community Center "Nikola Vaptsarov " hosts meetings, seminars, conferences, and symposia with local and national significance - Balkan Studies Seminar, "Bansko Tour" Presentation, International Arm-wrestling Tournament, International Jazz Festival, etc.


Equipment - theatre hall with 450 seats, celebration hall, conference .hall, rehearsal hall, classrooms, foyers, suitable for exhibition performances. 





Bulgarian wood-carving art - the basic elements are the flowers among which images of birds and fairy tales animals are involved (in the beginning of XIX century part of the iconostasis is dismantled and took out abroad, and on the someplace was put another - an older one, probably belonged to the same church before its reconstruction). The bishop 's throne attracts a great interest. The icons were made by the founder of Bansko School of Fine Arts Toma Vishanov - Molera but are demolished by a great fire in 1958 and were changed with copies of the originals. Today it functions as a tomb-church. 


Mountain Rescue Service


The mountain life-saving service base is situated in the town of Bansko. It comprises of two basic units. The first one includes a voluntary team with 30 mountain lifeguards. The second one has 6 people staff. The mountain life-saving units render their help 24 hours a day. A newsletter about the mountain climate conditions is issued every day. The mountain life-saving service is connected with the headquarters in Sofia. 


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